Welcome to Sandon Wood

Sandonwood is the supplier of speciality Australian hardwood timber and unique timber slabs.

Run by Sandon the business has been in the supply and salvage for over 10 years. Our core business is the supply of magnificent hardwood timbers and timber slabs that can enhance the inner and outer look of any building, home or office.

We are dedicated to the ongoing salvage of trees (logs) that have been knocked over in some of our periodic Cyclones. We utilize logs from building, sites arboristís tree removal jobs, Council tree removal for roads and other developments, dangerous tree removal, old bridges and poles. We have found some truly beautiful timbers can be salvaged in this way, once wasted, for us all to enjoy.

We are specialists in sourcing and supply of Mango, Raintree, Black wattle, and other durability Class 1 & 2 hardwood structural seasoned timbers from salvage job sites...

At times limited quantities of Black bean, Silky oak, Sovereignwood, Maple, Red mahogany, Tulip oak, Silver ash and White beech(to name a few) will make an appearance on the salvage scene. Pre-ordering ensures the lookout for your required species. Then the timber can be milled to your personal size requirements. All salvage, all environmentally friendly, all beautiful cabinet timbers all saving another rare species.

We think of each log as a potential work of art to beautify your home, office or wherever you wish to use timber.
We have available, quality hardwood timber, seasoned and ready for use of varying sizes. We specialise in 200mm x 200mm & 175mm x 175mm durability Class 1 & 2 H5 seasoned posts. Soft and Hardwood slabs can be cut to size, in lengths limited only by the size of the trees available at the time. In addition to this we can source and supply wood turning species for your specific project such as Birds Eye Maple.

Slab prices start from as little as $65 so itís affordable for anyone and everyone and means you are doing your bit for the environment.

Contact Sandon on 0409 591646
Email sandon@sandonwood.com.au


Slab prices start from as little as

so its affordable for anyone and everyone
and means you are doing your bit
to save the planet..